Off Leash Dog Parks in Seattle – Listings and Pictures

Seattle is a city that loves to get outside, and our pets are no different. If you’re looking for off leash dog parks in Seattle, try these gorgeous areas that are sure to get Rover running.

Off Leash Dog Parks in Seattle

Warren G. Magnuson Park

Featuring a dog beach and a separate play area for smaller dogs, Magnuson Park is a favorite for dog owners looking for off leash parks in Seattle.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park

This park wins on best views in Seattle, with a great lookout toward the downtown skyline. The off leash area is large and secluded, with little traffic. If you’re looking for socialization for your dog, this might not be the best park, but for everyone else, it will do just fine.

Golden Gardens Park

This lovely beachfront park offers an off leash dog area with community water bowls and waste bags. Dogs are required to be on leash on the beach, but there is plenty of room to run around the hills and trees that make up the off leash section of the park. Parking and car theft can be an issue here, so lock your doors and stay aware.

I-5 Colonnade

Running under I-5 in Capitol Hill, this off leash dog park is covered, a rarity in Seattle. It is entirely gravel with no grass, so it is best for dogs looking to get some socialization, not necessarily those needing to run hard or lay down and rest.

Kinnear Park

Located in Lower Queen Anne, this small dog park is entirely fenced in, shaded, and is covered in wood chips, which keeps both the mud and smell to a minimum.

Northacres Park

This woodsy park in north Seattle is covered in wood chips and entirely fenced in, which makes it great for dogs of all sizes. The off leash area connects to an unfenced trail, which is also popular for dog walking. Paired with the community benches, water bowls, and waste bags, this park is popular for a reason.

Plymouth Pillars Park

Plymouth Pillars has a large, fenced in off leash area with a great view of the city. It is covered in small gravel, which can be tough on sensitive paws, but its location close to downtown makes it a blessing for owners and pooches.

Regrade Park

This Belltown park is concrete and gravel, with an agility ramp, water and water bowls, and a crowd of friendly regulars. It’s medium sized, and perfect for downtown locals needing to stretch their legs.

Westcrest Park

One of the most popular dog parks in Seattle, and the only off-leash dog park in West Seattle, Westcrest offers areas to run as well as trails. It also has coveted spigots for drinking water and a separate area for smaller dogs. Well worth a visit.

*Westcrest is currently closed for drainage maintenance. Work was supposed to be complete by Fall 2020, but no update has been provided since April 2020, due to COVID-19 and budget concerns. There is a temporary off-leash park at a different location in Westcrest Park.

Woodland Park

This dirt and gravel off leash park is on the smaller side, but popular and good for bigger dogs. There are lots of stairs that can be fun for larger dogs but may be unsafe or tiring for smaller or younger dogs. Come here when you’re looking for convenience and need to keep your pooch mud-free.

Blue Dog Pond

Mud seems to be a problem at this park, but its large size, water and water bowls, fence, and community toys make it still one of the more frequented dog parks in Seattle. You’ve been warned – wear rain boots!

Magnolia Manor Park

Magnolia Manor doesn’t have the mud problem of many other local parks, but it has gained a reputation for attracting ill-behaved dogs and unfriendly nearby homeowners. It is covered in pea gravel and mulch, and despite the social problems, it still attracts a large crowd.

Grandview Park

Not the fanciest of parks, but Grandview Park offers huge space for dogs who need to run. Pair that with bold views of Mt. Rainier, and you’ve got a fun day for everyone.

Denny Park

Denny Park offers a temporary off leash area while a long-term site is finalized. The small, enclosed area is good for a quick stop, but it doesn’t offer shade or benches for doggie owners. Watch the gates – there are reports that dogs can slip out if the gates aren’t properly shut.

Marymoor Park – Eastside

Though not in Seattle, Marymoor Park makes the list because it consistently wins “best of” awards for its varied terrain, excellent facilities, and accessible ponds. Dogs who like water will love Marymoor, and if you are in Redmond, it is the place to be.

Off Leash Dog Park Rules in Seattle

Before you find a new favorite park, take a moment to review Seattle’s off leash dog park rules:

  • Owners are liable for damage or injury inflicted by your dog
  • You must be in control of your dog at all time
  • You must muzzle dogs displaying dangerous or aggressive behavior
  • You must leash your dog when outside the off-leash area
  • You must clean up after your pet
  • Female dogs in heat are not allowed in off leash areas
  • Puppies younger than 4 months are not allowed in off leash areas
  • Remove pinch and choke collars before coming in off leash area
  • Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated


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